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Our Mission

Tap is our life.  Let's be honest. We dream in rhythms. 

Sammy Davis Jr. once said, "Dance is a hand-me-down art form.  You learn it from someone else".  Tap dance was formed by collaboration  and the masters passing on the knowledge down to the next generation.  It is our jobs as practitioners of the art to carry on that tradition in order to keep the art alive. 

There are a TON of tap dancers in AZ but rarely do we come together to share what we love.  Our mission is to break the barriers keeping us apart and provide pathways for dancers to train, trade, share, and grow.

For the budding young tap dancer, AZ Tap Club gives students the opportunity

to train in different styles.  To dive deeper into the history that brought us to where we are today.  A chance to talk music and understand how it moves us.  To improvise more thoughtfully and find one's own voice.

For the professional dancers, it offers an advanced level class pushing you both technically and creatively.  Think outside the box and try something new.  Help each other get to the next level, even become teachers. To continue to improvise. Rise up.  

For the educator, it provides a chance to test out some new choreography and share what you create for a new set of feet.  More importantly, AZ Tap Club gives you an opportunity to TAKE CLASS. As teachers, we rarely get to take class in our home town.  Taking class will reinvigorate your love of the art.  Learn new tricks of the trade that you can share in your classroom.  Be inspired by what others are doing and find confidence in what you bring to the community.  Know that you are not alone!

We are excited that you have chosen to join our Tap Fam.

With Love,

Jenefer Miller and Megan Maltos


AZ Tap Club

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